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Movie Night

It was a lovely evening of Good Night, and Good Luck.

Projector, sound system, hammock, sopapilla cheesecake, and good friends.





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Platinum, Baby

Yesterday I received this platinum New York and Company credit card in the mail. Apparently I’ve spent enough in the last year to warrant a bump up from the black card to the platinum card.

You could say I have a specific style.


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Google Chrome Review – by Neil

Husband had to write about a browser for one of his classes. Please enjoy the following Neil-vision review of Google’s Chrome browser.


There is a lot of bias here. I love Google and all they stand for; The Good the Bad and the Ugly (solid movie by the way, and if you are bored and need to kill an ENTIRE evening, it’s worth a watch). More to the point, they are a multinational company and, as such, have their good and bad sides.One of the goods to come from Google is Chrome the browser. But the browser was just part of their release of an entire Operating System (OS): Chromium http://www.chromium.org/. I have used the Chromium OS in a few virtual environments and while it is light and lightning fast, it is really ONLY a browser with a bit more support on the back end. So far as it being a replacement to Windows or Mac or even various distributions of Linux, Chromium is a no go.

That aside, there are a few things that I LOVE about Chrome. (1) It is fully open source. Open a Chrome browser and paste this in: chrome://credits/ . It will take you to the credits page for all things open source about this browser. It does not have proprietary software like ActiveX or anything that Google explicitly owns the rights to. THAT IS AWESOME!  Google gets $0.00 for making this thing and me using it (remaining naïve about advertising and brand recognition; my last statement will be good enough).

For many reasons on why this is a good browser and why this may not be the greatest browser go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Chrome. Very specifically I would bring up one more thing that is why I use this free-to-use product more than any others. Stability. Stability is paramount to whatever I am doing online, because I am doing it and I want it to be working, because I am the center of my computer’s universe. And if I am not happy, then computer is not happy. Now, that odd statement behind us, Chrome employs process isolation. This is really a fancy way of saying that if one tab craps out, they won’t all crap out. And let’s face it, that’s a wonderful feature. I have NEVER caused a full Chrome crash. I have tanked plenty of individual tabs and seen the sad face of disappointment in my browser.  Say you’re playing a flash game and it starts to get all glitchy and hangs a bit, and at the same time you’re streaming Pandora. If Flash encounters a critical error and needs to be restarted, Safari and Internet Explorer will need to shut down completely (I can only harp on those 2 because they are the 2 I’ve experienced this with) which stops my streaming music. Again if I, the center of my computer’s universe, am not happy then computer is not happy. BUT on Chrome when Flash freaks out I close the one tab and Pandora is never the wiser! Yes, to those of you who might read this and know that employing process isolation causes more cpu usage and therefore is a bit heavier on the machine as a whole, I present to you this:  Chrome system monitor. Click on the three horizontal bars (settings) near the bottom text View background pages. You can see just how much of your computer’s resources it is using and what of those resources are plug-ins you installed! That last part is me pointing the finger at myself. I am guilty of blaming Chrome for slowing down my computer, but in all reality it was my fault for leaving reddit open with a plug-in called RES working overtime. That opens the door to a lot of other things that I like about this browser, but this is entirely too long currently and I’m sure not many of you made it this far. If you have, thanks. And if not… well fine, be that way.

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The Side Hug Culture

If you are new to these parts (West Texas DBA Bible Belt) then there is probably a phenomena you’ve experienced with great perplexity. The phenomena where you can’t get a single person to give you a proper hug. When you first start noticing it, it seems like it’s just that one person of the opposite sex. They just have this weird thing they do where they refuse to embrace you because of a weird tic of theirs. But then it happens with someone else. This is the point where you start to realize this is a cultural thing.

Welcome to the side hug culture.

Our conservative upbringings have taught us that a full embrace could lead to arousal, and it’s almost as shameful as dancing. It’s best to keep everyone at arms length anyways, that way we don’t have to fear accidentally opening up our secrets to these strangers. Too snarky?

It takes me a long time of knowing someone and caring about them before I allow myself any physical touch. For you curious type, I’m going to say months, if not years. But, by golly, when I’m ready for it, I’m going all in (metaphorically of course).

big ann

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Did you know there’s a cure for DYSLEXIA?

You probably didn’t know, but most dyslexia is artificially induced.

What! You mean I paid taxes to be messed up like this?!?!

Yep, basically.

Others have said it well, so I need not say much more.

Read these articles to learn about the cause and effect of artificially-induced whole-word dyslexia:

If you’d like to fix this problem…

for you or a loved one, check out my grandpa’s website. This specific link takes you to the page with all the downloadable material you will need. He cures tons of people every year. I’m not quite sure why the school systems refuse to acknowledge this situation.

If your child has yet to be defected by main stream education…

I encourage you to first teach them the alphabet, then use the Word Mastery program to teach your little tot to read. With this program the child will learn to construct words from sounds made by letters. This is a foundation for a strong reading future.   Be sure to start on page 110 and fully understand the Suggestions to Teachers section. To me, this is similar to math. Have them learn the simple rules instead of memorizing words. Frequent application of principles proves to be much more effective than memorization.

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What Makes a Man

What kind of trivial knowledge makes a man?


If he knows all about cars and mechanics,

or wrestling and working out,

or movies and music,

or sports and team schedules,

or video games and technology,

or art and music,

or history and literature,

or celebrities and style…

Should he be ashamed of his hobbies or scope of knowledge? No. Of course not. We don’t all want or need the same man.

Around super bowl time I was telling a funny story about how Neil and I didn’t know it was super bowl weekend, and Neil asked if the game was on Saturday or Sunday. The guys I told it to replied with “he probably wouldn’t want you to be telling people that.” Why? Should he be ashamed? No. Caring about sports and teams and players is not the defining factor of a man. It’s a hobby. Optional.

So for all you men out there, love what you love and do what you do and don’t let someone tell you that you should be more normal, because normal is not extraordinary. Normal does not change the world.

You Would Be So Proud of Me

When someone starts a story with these words, I almost don’t even care what their story is about.

In that one moment, I know that I’m doing something right. I know that I have made my stand on a topic so strong and clear that it has influenced someone else’s choices. That is quite the compliment.

When someone starts a story with these words they want you to be proud of them, to acknowledge the choice they’ve made. Because somehow, as time has been passing, you’ve become important to that person.

Thank you for these words, they remind me to be as me as I can be. Me is what they’re watching. Monkey see monkey do.

Phonics First, Syllables Always

Phonics First, no sight words, and syllables, the truly classical way to teach phonics and spelling.

catching moments as they fly by

Carefully-Laid Junkyard Plans

catching moments as they fly by




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